From KrazyKritter to GadgetVirtuoso

This old blog post was resurrected from and originally posted May 17, 2008 from an older blog.

Earlier this past week I finally took the leap and made the decision on a new handle. I’ve been considering this move for quite some time. I have been torn between the fact I have had the handle KrazyKritter since early 1997 (11 years). Most people online know me by this handle and yet the handle doesn’t fit my online persona any longer and frankly hasn’t for several years. A few on twitter and Jaiku have had some trouble adjusting to the change, as expected. I have been known by KrazyKritter for so long and some people are resistant to change.

KrazyKritter came about back in early 1997 when I was involved in ferret rescue. I had owned ferrets for many years and it came into play because at the time we were living in the small west Texas town of San Angelo. San Angelo is rather isolated from most everything and there were no ferret rescue between Dallas/Fort Worth to the east, San Antonio to the south, Lubbock and Amarillo to the north and El Paso to the west. If you look at a map of Texas you will see this is a huge area. There weren’t many ferrets needing rescue in this area but even one was enough. Even without many ferrets needing rescued there was still a need for education and a helpful, knowledgeable source of information. From this need Krazy Kritter’s Kozy Kingdom was born. The handle KrazyKritter makes a bit more sense in this context. We continued with ferret rescue after relocating to Dallas/Fort Worth later that same year. The ferret rescue continued for several more years until the birth of my daughter, who was born with complications among other reason made it impractical to continue rescuing.

Despite the closing of our rescue I continued to use KrazyKritter, obviously. All of this time I had always had a strong passion for gadgets; helping to found the Dallas/Fort Worth Palm Users Group in early 1999 and later working for Handango later that same year. Many online and especially those on Howard Forums have known me as KrazyKritter. As the internet became more a part of our lives the more I’ve felt my handle wasn’t right for me. The hardest part of course is finding a handle and even harder still is finding a handle not already being used. I didn’t want a handle specific to any kind of brand regardless of how long lasting the brand. Some might wonder why not use your name? My name is too common and I couldn’t think of a cleaver and unique variation I’d want as a handle, thus GagdetVirtuoso was eventually thought up.

Friday the 13th

For me Friday the 13th has never held bad connotations. How could it? My birthday is February 13. I was born on a Wednesday however, every few years my birthday falls on a Friday. The pattern of Friday February 13 is a strange one indeed, repeating 5, 6, 11 & 6 years. Born in 1974 and assuming the new average life span in the US I will see 12 birthdays on a Friday. If the universe has any sense of humor I might live until 2060 for my thirteenth Friday the 13th birthday. The oddities of my birthday go beyond Friday the 13th. My thirteenth birthday was a Friday, stranger yet there was a full moon that year (1987). The next Full Moon on Friday, February 13 will be 2087. If I live to see this second occurrence I will be the ripe old age of 111, placing me among the oldest persons alive any given year. During my lifetime I will likely see three Friday, February 13 with a possible fourth if I make it to age 89.

My Birthdays on Friday the 13th with other odd facts:

  • Age 2 – 1976 (My sister was born this year, coincidence? You decide. Year divisible by 13.)
  • Age 11 – 1981
  • Age 13 – 1987 (Full Moon and age divisibly by 13)
  • Age 24 – 1998 (First birthday living in Texas, maybe it is bad luck after all.)
  • Age 30 – 2004
  • Age 35 – 2009
  • Age 41 – 2015 (Year divisible by 13)
  • Age 52 – 2026 (Age divisible by 13)
  • Age 58 – 2032
  • Age 63 – 2037
  • Age 69 – 2043
  • Age 80 – 2054 (Year divisible by 13)
  • Age 86 – 2060
  • Age 91 – 2065 (Age divisible by 13)
  • Age 97 – 2071
  • Age 111 – 2082 (Full Moon)

My Birthdays with a Full Moon:

  • Age 13 – 1987 (Friday)
  • Age 22 – 2006 (Monday)
  • Age 70 – 2044 (Saturday)
  • Age 89 – 2063 (Tuesday)
  • Age 111 – 2082 (Friday)

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